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Privacy policy
The following written privacy statement applies to all services offered by


Sharing data with third parties will in no way make your data available to third parties that are not directly related to the execution of the service.
This means that no persons outside the realization of the service as agreed on this website will have access to your personal information.

Moment of sharing

The moment you share your personal information with us / shuttle parking is the moment you agree with our terms and conditions, thus creating an account or placing a reservation. This applies both by phone, by e-mail and directly online at the website.

Personal information will strictly respect your privacy and will take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information and keep them confidential.


A cookie is a small, innocent text file with information on it. This information is about your settings on the website. For example if you are logged in and which account you have entered. uses this information when you visit this site again.